Wholistic Health of Keewatin Yatthé Health Region Residents

Welcome. The Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority (KYRHA) is located in northwest Saskatchewan -- encompassing an area of approximately 1/4 of the province.

The Keewatin Yatthé RHA administers a comprehensive and much needed health care delivery system for numerous northern villages and towns.

KYRHA takes pride in accepting the immense challenge of caring for people scattered throughout vast stretches of rivers and lake-laced forestland.

Trauma Counselling avaiable 8 PM to 8 AM La Loche Health Centre

Get the Shot not the Flu


(February 1, 2016) – The influenza season has started in Saskatchewan and it’s likely to start in northern Saskatchewan soon. This year the start of the influenza season is somewhat later than we usually see. The type of influenza that appears to be the most common so far in Saskatchewan is the H1N1 strain which seems to have a good match with this year's vaccine.

Recently in southern Saskatchewan where there are increasing reports of influenza illness, there have been hospitalizations for influenza for elders but also for some previously healthy young or middle aged adults - some of whom have required ICU (intensive care unit) admissions.

Dr. Irvine, the Medical Health Officer for Athabasca, Keewatin Yatthé, and Mamawetan Churchill River Health Authorities says that hospitalizations for influenza in other parts of Canada is following a similar pattern seen in other years when H1N1 is common, in that all age groups are affected. He advises that with the delay in the start of the influenza season in Saskatchewan, there is still a major benefit to get the influenza vaccination if you have not received your 2015-2016 influenza vaccination yet.
Public health nurses across northern Saskatchewan are continuing to offer the vaccine to all those over the age of 6 months.

For more information on influenza, all HealthLIne 811. For more information on flu clinics, call your public health nurse:

  • Beauval -- Lindsay -- 306-288-4806
  • Buffalo Narrows -- Crystal -- 306-235-5813
  • Green Lake -- Lindsay -- 306-288-4806
  • Ile a la Crosse -- Anna -- 306-833-3389
  • La Loche -- Brenda -- 306-822-3210

Room to Roam

Take Off


Take off for new adventures in the great outdoors.
Take off for new opportunities in nursing to deliver safe, quality health care.

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Another challenge to demonstrate how KYRHA provides safe, quality health service – another challenge met.

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With rain and cooler weather reducing wildfire threat to northern Saskatchewan communities, and evacuated residents returning to their homes, deepest appreciation and sincerest thanks are due individuals, groups and agencies for their hard work and dedication to residents of this region over the past few weeks..

Read thank you from CEO Jean-Marc Desmeules


The Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority is pleased to provide the 2014-15 annual report. In addition to outlining activities and accomplishments of the region for the year ended March 31, 2015, this report provides the audited financial statements for the same period. KYRHA remains committed to Lean and Kaizen – to putting the needs and values of patients and families at the forefront and to using proven methods and best practices to continuously improve and change the healthcare system for the better. Our ability to move forward on this patient- and family-first, continous improvement path is made possible by the dedicated efforts of our employees, who through adoption of visual daily management, have kept work on track, made and monitored improvements and demonstrated progress towards priorities and goals.

KYRHA 2014-15 Annual Report


Graduation from the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing’s distributed learning Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in Ile a la Crosse is a dream come true for three students -- and a long held hope realized for the Keewatin Yatthé health region: Northerners trained in the north to provide health care for the people of the north.

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Eat Fish


As well as a relaxing hobby, fishing is a great soure of food for the table. Fish can provide a valuable, nutritious addition to a healthy, balanced diet.

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General board meeting, Beauval, Valley View School, 24 June 2015. Minutes


Executive Pay-for-Performance has been suspended for the 14-15 and 15-16 fiscal years. More Information

EMBRACING LIFE - Northern Saskatchewan Working Together

Embracing Life is a call for action to reduce suicide by sharing the strengths of communities and working together through health promotion, suicide prevention, intervention and post-vention. We all have a role to play when it comes to suicide prevention and health promotion. Take ownership in your community by bringing your ideas forward and committing to positive, on-going change. The Embracing Life initiative is an opportunity to be a part of the growing community in northern Saskatchewan dedicated to making sure we all have the supports we need when it comes to health promotion, suicide prevention, intervention and post-vention.

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Do you have a question or a concern about the health care services you received from the Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority? You may be able to resolve these issues by talking to the caregiver who provided the service or to an appropriate supervisor. Should your question remain unanswered or your concern go unresolved, you may want to contact a quality of care coordinator (QCC).

For more information on quality care and the role of patient and family in achieving such care,
see Keewatin Yatthé News, April 14, 2014


New instructional videos about the Screening Program for Colorectal Cancer are now available for viewing on line. Available in English, Cree and Dene, these videos provide important information about the importance of early detection and the benefits of using the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) to screen for early signs of colorectal cancer. People between 50-74 in communities across the north will be receiving their FIT kits over the next few weeks. These videos provide step-by-step instruction on how to complete the FIT.

For videos

For more information on the Colorectal Cancer Screening Program




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