Wholistic Health of Keewatin Yatthé Health Region Residents

Welcome. The Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority (KYRHA) is located in northwest Saskatchewan -- encompassing an area of approximately 1/4 of the province.

The Keewatin Yatthé RHA administers a comprehensive and much needed health care delivery system for numerous northern villages and towns.

KYRHA takes pride in accepting the immense challenge of caring for people scattered throughout vast stretches of rivers and lake-laced forestland.

2014 KYRHA Immunization Clinics

Get the shot, not the flu.

Flu clinic dates, times and more information

Paper to Digital: Electronic Patient Registration

On Tuesday, September 16, health record keeping in the Keewatin Yatthé Health Region leaps forward as a new computer-based electronic patient registration system goes live in Ile a la Crosse and La Loche.

Hard to manage, hard to store paper files will be replaced with digital files. Basic demographic data – name, address, health number and other personal information – will be entered and stored on computer, opening a world of possibilities for improving care based on secure and accessible electronic information.

Patients presenting at registration will be asked by health records staff to confirm this information to load this new system with correct and up-to-date information. As a result, registration may take longer than usual for the first while as data is collected and checked.

A little slower out of the gate, but much faster in the long run. This new system is the foundation for improving turn-around time for x-ray and lab results, and, eventually, for establishing electronic health records.

Canada Health Infoway defines an electronic health record as a private, lifetime record of an individual’s key health history and care, providing authorized healthcare professionals with real-time access to patients’ test results, past treatments and medication profiles - information they need to provide effective, safe treatment while protecting privacy and confidentiality.


The executive pay-for-performance plan (EPPP) for regional health authority and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency executive leadership (applies to KYRHA chief executive officer) was introduced in 2011 as a means to enhance accountability within the health system as well as to provide an incentive to achieve specific performance targets linked to key health system goals. 

If performance targets are not met, the CEO can lose up to 10 per cent of base salary. If performance targets are exceeded, the CEO can earn up to a maximum of 10 per cent additional pay. Final rate of annual pay can range between 90 and 110 per cent of base salary – determined by whether a specific combination of targets are met and/or exceeded.

For the 2013-14 fiscal year, five categories of performance measures were chosen for CEOs:

  • The ministry established two categories: 
    • 40% of the plan value was based on province-wide (system) goals
    • 20% was based on fiscal responsibility
  • The boards and CEO of each RHA/SCA established three measures:
    • 20% of the plan was based on organizational measures
    • 10% was based on patient satisfaction measures
    • 10% was based on executive behaviour or competency measures linked to organizational and system values

The documents linked below provide details of these performance measures as well as the “calculated actual earned pay” based on these measures.

KYRHA 2013-14 Performance Measures

KYRHA 2013-14 CEO Calculated_Actual_Earned_Pay

KYRHA 2014-15 Measures of Performance


The Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority is pleased to provide the 2013-14 annual report. In addition to outlining activities and accomplishments of the region for the year ended March 31, 2014, this report provides the audited financial statements for the same period. KYRHA remains committed to Lean and Kaizen – to putting the needs and values of patients and families at the forefront and to using proven methods and best practices to continuously improve and change the healthcare system for the better. Our ability to move forward on this patient- and family-first, continous improvement path is made possible by the dedicated efforts of our employees, who through adoption of visual daily management, have kept work on track, made and monitored improvements and demonstrated progress towards priorities and goals.

KYRHA 2013-14 Annual Report


Hantavirus is a rare but serious illness spread by deer mice.

Learn more about Hantavirus


Some communities in northern Saskatchewan may be impacted by smoke from forest fires burning in a number of areas. Forest fire smoke can have an effect on your health, especially if you already have lung problems.

Learn more about what you can do. Population Health Unit Public Service Announcement


One word proclaims a milestone. Another word acknowledges challenges met. While many more describe how that milestone was achieved and those challenges met. All point to a commitment to health care quality and safety.

Learn more about why being "Acredited" is important to KYRHA and quality, safe health care. News release


Focusing on continuous improvement while staying within budget, the Keewatin Yatthé Regional Heath Authority will spend $29 million on the delivery of quality, patient- and family-first healthcare programs and services to residents of northwest Saskatchewan during 2014-15. News release


Do you have a question or a concern about the health care services you received from the Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority? You may be able to resolve these issues by talking to the caregiver who provided the service or to an appropriate supervisor. Should your question remain unanswered or your concern go unresolved, you may want to contact a quality of care coordinator (QCC).  For more information on quality care and the role of patient and family in achieving such care, see Keewatin Yatthé News, April 14, 2014


New instructional videos about the Screening Program for Colorectal Cancer are now available for viewing on line. Available in English, Cree and Dene, these videos provide important information about the importance of early detection and the benefits of using the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) to screen for early signs of colorectal cancer. People between 50-74 in communities across the north will be receiving their FIT kits over the next few weeks. These videos provide step-by-step instruction on how to complete the FIT.

For videos

For more information on the Colorectal Cancer Screening Program


The Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Jean-Marc Desmeules as Chief Executive Officer of the northwest Saskatchewan health region ― effective immediately. Desmeules was previously the Executive Director of Health Services responsible for primary health care. Details


Two new members have been appointed to the Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority. Patty Gauthier of Beauval and Myra Malboeuf of Ile a La Crosse have been appointed to three year terms, replacing Gloria Apesis of Patuanak and Duane Favel of Ile a la Crosse. Board member Bruce Ruelling of La Loche has also been named vice-chairperson. Board Members


Board passes motion instructing CEO to examine how many people apply for health region jobs but don't get positions because the are under qualified. Highlights



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KYRHA Asbestos Report

KYRHA Wellness Grant Application form

KYRHA Board Members



KYRHA 2012-13 Performance Measures

KYRHA 2012-13 Total Performance Pay at Risk

EPPP CEO Regional Results 2012-13


Healthline 811 - 24/7 health information online

Northern Saskatchewan Health Indicators Report (2011)

Cost of Healthy Eating in Northern Saskatchewan



KYRHA Annual Report 2012-13

KYRHA Annual Report 2011-12

KYRHA Annual Report 2010-11

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